French Vintage Hammered Copper Jam Pan Ref T20/64/65/66


Lovely old jam pan!

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Please note: Price is for one pan only. Thank you.

Beautiful old French hammered copper jam pan with brass ring round side and brass handles with copper rivets, has number on side of handles denoting diameter.
Send message as to which one you would like, see below the diameters available.
These are very old pans and show signs of normal wear/use. Overall in very good condition for age, and can still be used. Will look brilliant on display!
1. Diameter 36cm, 14ltr capacity, height 16.5cm
2. Diameter 38cm, 16ltr capacity, height 17.5cm,
3. Diameter 40cm, 18ltr capacity, height 17.5cm
Listing more jam pans regularly, see last couple of pictures, lots in stock from vintage to antique, ask if looking for something specific, can be used for sinks/bowls, storage, pedicures, manicures, plants
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