Antique French Porcelain Cord Light Pull With Gilt Detailing Ref T15/110


Lovely porcelain antique cord pulls.

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I have a few of these cord pulls, price is for 1. Send message if wanting more than one for better price.

They are a porcelain cord pull with gold gilt trim detailing. Most have a little chip, most have the gilt trim a little worn, but all are a little piece of history, can still be used and really feel and look fabulous.
They all look very similar, see pics, some have the necks a little wider than others but really not that noticeable at a glance.
These are lovely items, so tactile, sure to look fabulous put back in use!
Approx: heights 4.5cm, base diameters 2.3cm
Send message if interested in them all for a bulk price. Lots other antique/vintage items listed, take a peek!